“I know Keith Hawke as a determined and dedicated producer with a wealth of experience in an amazingly broad range of filmmaking ventures.  This has given him  an insight into the process that is unique and important. And after more than thirty years  in the trenches,  he still has a passion for film and filmmaking that is truly an inspiration to me.  


It also important to note that Keith has a very strong technical background. He started out as a cinematographer and his intimate knowledge of the medium is fundamental to his style as a producer.  He’s a pleasure to work with and I recommend him highly. “

JOE BINI | Editor

e-mail: joebini@mindspring.com 

Tel: 1 (310) 399 1686

Joe Bini is a Film and Television editor whose films have been broadcast and played in theatres all over the world, both commercially and in festivals such as Cannes, Venice and Sundance. Most notably he has edited nine films with famed international director Werner Herzog. These include many acclaimed documentaries and Herzog’s first fictional feature film in over ten years.


He has written several screenplays in collaboration with Academy Award-nominated screenwriter Robert Festinger (In the Bedroom), and directed four short films, twice winning the Golden Gate Award at the San Francisco International Film Festival.


Judge Sundance Film Festival 2006

Winner Emmy Award for Editing 2009

Winner Emmy Award for Scriptwriting 2009

Dear Keith,


We do hope you get the post of Producer or Director at TVNZ. You are so well suited for that post because of your passion and experience.


We would be happy to speak to anyone about our professional relationships going back to over 20 years since Hong Kong days and while you were in Singapore and Malaysia. We have 40 years of television experience (refer www.robertchua.com) and over the recent decade have founded CETV (satellite) that was in partnership with AOL/Time Warner before we sold our entire stakes to them end of last year to start another channel , The Interactive Channel.


Please add us to your List of Reference of all your professional friends that will surely endorse you for that position.


Best regards,

Robert and Peggy



Robert Chua's career is unmatched in Asian broadcasting circles. He pioneered Hong Kong's first terrestrial TV station in 1967 as one of the first executive producers at Television Broadcasts (TVB,) now Hong Kong's dominant TV station and a powerhouse in Southern China.


In 1994 Robert Chua founded China Entertainment Television Broadcast (CETV,)  After some turbulent years, with Robert Chua competing intensely with multinationals on his own, media giant Time Warner became a broadcasting partner in CETV in June 2000.



Peggy Chua was rated among the 10 top women in the International Television Business by Electronic Media International.



Keith was introduced to TCP 5 years ago by a highly respected location manager, Andrew Leong who is a major provider to the BBC/Mediacorp in this region. We found his vast experience both in and out of Asia a veritable goldmine. His advice has been sought by the Singapore and Malaysian Governments on industry development and innovations in all aspects of media over the years which is one reason we consider him such a gem. When TCP needs expert input Keith is always the first person we consult.

His advice is annoyingly spot on in every situation!


Keith not only sees any pitfalls but is at the cutting edge of media development and a wonderful resource on the latest technical advances who believes Digital is the only route for the Industry's future. There is no doubt in our mind that his company would not only mentor Singaporeans on the latest methods but would produce results of which Singapore and NZ could be exceptionally proud. With the recent co-production agreement he is ideally placed to develop this aspect of Singapore's intentions as well. His enthusiasm and expertise in the industry have produced a son who is a well known international DOP and a daughter who is equally well known as an editor in LA!  I sincerely believe everyone would benefit enormously were Keith to be successful in this application.


With best regards,

Susan-Jane Beers


The Complete Picture Company

5 Shenton Way

#37-02 UIC Building

Singapore 068808

Tel:      6 323 3970

Fax:     6 223 7030

e-mail:  compic@completemagix.com

 “I have known Keith from my first days at Pacific Films (early 1970s). He shot the Tangata Whenua series, adapting the technology to fit the very new circumstances, and adapting the protocols too, with no guidelines in a handy manual. I am also conscious of his major career in Asia.


I think Keith may be very well suited for the post at TVNZ. He has many skills. This will show up, no doubt, in the material he will himself supply. I simply wish to speak up for skills which may not be quite so obvious to those who do not know him well, nor quite so easy for him to pitch on his own behalf. Keith has an exceptional background in the Maori/Non-Maori interface. His Asia experience has given him a special multi-cultural facility also. Perhaps TVNZ will take these abilities into account when coming to a final decision.

I do not know of any local producer with this special mix of abilities.”




Barry Barclay

Auckland 2004

Keith is the creative and technical driving force behind the New Zealand based Flying Fives International Short Film  Competition. The purpose of this project is to discover people with new ideas that potentially can give innovative direction to film. The competition provides a staging point at which raw concepts can get their first work through before a judging panel, the public and peers.


The Flying Fives are unique in the world of film competitions due to Keith's development of the major prizes into work experience packages for the winners.  This has generated considerable respect from the industry and

entrants and was only possible because of Keith's personal standing, and record of accomplishment.

I am very proud to work with Keith; his passion to see film develop in new ways with talent that has a story to tell is inspiring. His practical management skills, eye for detail and life experience speaks volumes.

John Bullock


Nelson Film Awards Development trust

Director WebcoMedia

Station Manager Fresh FM


To the Mental Health Foundation: Re Media Grant for DVD on Suicide and Depression in Rural Communities

Thank you for considering the application by Keith Hawke which I believe is supported by Hillary Genet of Public Health and Gavin O’Donnell President of the Nelson Marlborough Federated Farmers.


Keith has worked with us in Cardiology in Nelson and produced a DVD on patient’s experiences with cardiovascular events and their recovery and adjusting to a healthier life style and returning to active healthy lifestyle afterwards.


It has been extremely well received both by the medical profession and the community and most importantly by the patients who have had cardiovascular events as it has been a key part of our education of patients after a cardiovascular event.


Further to this, in fact the Minister of Health found out about this DVD and asked to view it and gave very positive feedback himself regarding how important he feels this is to be using this type of technology in educating of patients who are increasingly being discharged home very early after their events and need this type of supportive educational DVD to help them move forward


I would strongly recommend Keith’s work in regard as would the rest of the Cardiology Department in the greater Cardiac community.


Andrew Hamer

Physician Cardiologist Nelson Hospital

Chair of NZ Cardiac Network