Frequently Asked Questions

Hawke Films

My first question to clients is "Who is the Audience for this video?" Having a clear idea of the intended audience is vital for any project.


Clients ask me:

What does it cost?

A quotation will be given after initial briefings and conversations with the client to ascertain the scope of the project.


How long will the video be?

As long as it is useful to you. A video to open a meeting may be a few minutes in length. A video to explain a complex process may be much longer.


Will you give us the questions in advance?

No but we will give the general areas of the conversation. The emphasis is on spontaneity.


What is the process?

Initially, a briefing meeting will be held between Hawke Films and the client.

Hawke Films supply an outline of the approach to the project and a budget.

Agreement to go ahead

Initial deposit to be paid.



Approval of initial edit by the client.

Fine cut edit

Delivery of final video in the format requested.

Balance payment.